Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Douchebag Of The Week-A-Thon

This strange little hobby of ours is basically filled with two types of people: phony pompous assholes and creepy creepy jobless fat dudes. And as a result of this fact, STS is ready to pour out the proper accolades upon these wretched individuals. With that in mind I give you:

The Douchebag Of The Week-A-Thon

There is no particular criteria for this esteemed award and with the abundance of freaks out there, there will be no shortage of nominees.....

This Weeks Winner?!

Graham Hughes
Taken from his face book: "I figured, everyone does pics like this. I was also testing different frame rates on the camera and whether the camera was far enough away."
Really?! You were testing frame rates..... come on. Tha
t's even more nerdy than just taking a goofball picture.

Graham Hughes is the moderator of and an all around bad dude, think "BAD BOB". His user name is "Sonneilon". When I first joined, 4 years ago, I entered a silly contest he was hosting. Turns out I won. What did I win you ask?

- A 12 inch by 12 inch black flag featuring a creepy dragon.

-2 pairs of creepy custom pink chopsticks

-2 creepy 6 inch lizard figures from God knows where that I eventually pawned off on Turk

Best contest ever!
Graham enjoys taking artsy pictures of decrepit landscapes he calls art, working in his garden(which consists of zero plants and some dirt and cinder block box) and posting pictures of his nonexistent garden on joe toy websites. He also loves making dios that star himself as a creepy super skilled dude, with the power of invisibility, that kills all the joes.His super sweet garden.
An example of his super sweet "art" photos
Sonny's dio, staring himself as the coolest invisible cat ever.

I hope he trips on a cinder block and when he falls... forces pink chopsticks to go underneath his fingernails.

Douchebag of the week. There you go.


  1. Why do all of his dios have something that have ABSOLUTELY (see I capitalized something odd like he does) as the title card. One time there was one with some kid eating a donut

  2. Great thing about cinder blocks in your backyard is that you can sit on them and drink beer while creepily staring at the neighbour chick as she actually gardens. Until her husband puts up a privacy fence. After that, there's always the upstairs window and google satellite.