Thursday, August 26, 2010

Action Force Comics

G.I. Joe is one of those properties where everyone gets so goddamned wrapped up in their own stupid idea as to what G.I. Joe is that they disregard absolutely everything else. Cartoon fans won't acknowledge the comic and vice versa, fuck there's even that one dude who posts the same message on every board (except Smash The State: about how the continuation of the marvel run (16 years after people stopped caring) is bad because the DD comic will be disregarded. Then there's resolute fanboys who are all "Yo man, that was good I mean there was no characterization, it was rushed as fuck and in the end was terrible so I'm not buying the toys but that's totally what G.I. Joe is man!".

Basically those people are all freaks, and I'm unsure where people who are fans of the Action Force comic fit in. Action Force was a weekly comic that was black and white and featured a lot of different things compared to the boring ass G.I. Joe comic. Totally rad stuff like killing and racism.

The good thing about Action Force (other than lots of death and Major Bludd calling Storm Shadow "Jappo") was the fact that characters got a lot of characterization, I mean what the fuck did Torpedo do in Marvel? Nothing! In Action Force there's a story about him going on leave (to the windmill his Dutch ass lives in) and Cobra Commander figures this out and sends Copperhead to kill him. Fuck you Larry Hama! I mean doing a small story about some jerk to sell toys is a lot better than Marvel's "Hell yeah let's introduce Storm Shadow and then in less than a year expose him as being a good guy takin' Cobra down from the inside to find his uncle's killer)

By the way did Storm Shadow ever fucking do anything about that? I mean I remember them being all "Yeah, Zartan did it!" but Storm Shadow never stuck him like a pig, and then Zartan was hanging out teenage kids and became a pseudo good guy. Man why did every fucking Cobra change their ways except like Major Bludd who was all "Aye mate I'm writing an album don't use me between 1987 and 1991" and like Road Pig???

I can't remember what this is supposed to be about so here's an image of Major Bludd calling Stormy "Jappo"

In the end all I have to say is Action Force comix are a fun way to steal characterizations for unpopular characters and to read stories containing G.I. Joes that aren't hella lame (Grand Slam, Snake Eyes, 1985+ G.I. joes are nowhere to be found!)


  1. Fuck you! Jim Barney is awesome!

  2. Oh! I plan to start using "Jappo" in every other sentence. And I won't have some Jappo tell me otherwise!