Wednesday, September 1, 2010

There but for the glory: the posts of "Epic Steven D"

"Hello, I am Steven Daniels, long time collector of G.I. Joe. I have frowned upon joining any online communities due to the many, how should I put it, different personalities that lurk in them. I have decided to start becoming a poster in a few as of today.

I am a self made wealthy individuals, who has attended several conventions in the past 8 years (7 of 8). My connections across the world are very generous. My hobby of collecting Joe's is illuminating as well as frustrating at time.

In 1994 i set out with a goal...A goal that as of last Tuesday I completed. 15 years in that making I now own 13,500 V1 Vipers. Yes 13,500. Also with that landmark Viper I acquired my 432nd H.I.S.S. Tank (v1).

I am in the process of moving my family into a new 9 Bedroom house. Two of the bedrooms will be combined into one significantly large Joe Room for myself. I plan to showcase my Vipers in the largest rally(toy wise) that has ever been witnessed by man.

I am also building a massive online website for Joe's."

My Hawk has retired and officially become the new Cobra Commander....Long story of my intense universe, which may be incomprehensible to cannon collectors.

Did I mention I have over 700 B.A.T.S. v1 of course. It is vastly superior to any other mold. And Sgt. Slaughter is not in my Joe verse.....Never liked that spin off. Falcon is the leader of my Renegades. Epic Steven D.

Before the economy plummeted to mush, I was spending around $1,100 to $1,700 a month on Joes. Sadly, owning my own company, I have taken massive pay losses, and can't hoard them like I used too.

I think I spend roughly about $300 a month now.

Also See my other post on here about why I have avoided Internet...


  1. oh my! that was real? that PERSON is real? its morning again, america.

  2. Think it's that guy from Florida again...the one with 12 Defiants and stacks of mint in box stuff? What was his name?

  3. Epic Steven D came on the scene and then disappeard. I still want to see his 13,500 V1 Vipers.

  4. Pshaw. The Black Major could make that many vipers and share his leftovers with the rest of the world. Steven D, you is outmoded.