Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jr0d28 is the weirdest dude to ever live

The Majority of this blog's legwork was done by the great Dan Sartain, I'd suggest you buy his music!

JR0D is a guy of dubious intellect and skill, yet somehow can use a computer! Let's take a look at his customs!

If you didn't realize why Michael Myers killed all those women, it's because he's gay!

Indiana Jones and Burt Reynolds as "The Bandit"

I can't say anything about this.

JR0D also likes candy:

"thats how I got my wife to notice me, I was sitting with all my friends and she was sittin at table talkin with this one guy. Well across the cafeteria area this chick was giving her BF HELL that her chips got stuck. Hes there shoving and rockin the machine I could not bare to see him embarrass himself anymore. I excused myself from table walked over told the couple "gimmie some room" I elevated vending machine against the wall at the time I was doin weight lifting and the machime was light too me. As I had it elevated I slammed it back to normal upright position and the candy,chips, and stuff all coughed out like coins in a Vegas Slot Machine. Gave the chips to the guy to give to his chick and I grabbed a bag of peanuts for me and a Whatchamaclit I was gonna eat it but instead gave it to my soon to be in the future wife at the time. So after 1 month from that incident we hooked up and been married damn near 3 yrs. Diamonds a girls best friend BULLSHIT give them some chocolate and they will love you to the day you die!"


"when we were kids this one house the guy gave away cans of beer and got busted my dad made me go three times to the house, said this was better than goin to the store."

That explains a lot!

Also he once made a post about Cheese.

"Favorite Cheese "

His own response
"No brainer thread

Mines Nacho"

our ol' friend Jr0d28 then went on to say-"guess this thread not as crazy as chicken one."

Indeed. This post isn't crazier than the one where I made socio-political comments about fake Action Figures and how it prevents us from being able to buy Health Insurance


  1. "gimmie some room" Hahahaha Eat your heart out Jr0d28.

  2. Bone bo-bo-bo Bone.

    I think Jr0d has trouble using the word 'the'. For example,
    "this thread not as crazy as chicken one"

    "she was sittin at table talkin with this one guy"

    "I excused myself from table"

    This guy is a regular Tarzan.I bet a dude that could lift a vending machine would probably talk like that. But doodz can't lift the vending machines at time.