Wednesday, May 12, 2010

People are always saying stupid things

Smash the State is here to quote it!

Let's make this fun and I'll tell you where I read this stupid shit!


Is there a such thing as a "Casual G.I. Joe fan?" I mean I don't think there's a bunch of jerks out there who like G.I. Joe but not enough to look at it on the net, also fuck the Defiant, fuck space, and fuck you! "I agree. For the casual fan this might be fairly accurate, but for diehards it isn't. Leaving the Defiant off of a top 10 list of Gi Joe is a travesty."

Because it's easier than making something new! "I've been reading the Marvel run via IDW's reprint trades (and following along with the GI Joe review that Chad, Matt, and Christopher do) but one thing that I've been wondering about is why do the trades have J. Scott Campbell covers? From what I remember they were originally used for the DDP run for the first 8 issues or so, so the fact that they're reusing the covers for the original run really seems odd. Any ideas?"

I'm sure you actually have been thinking deeply about that. "I've been deeply thinking about this.
Cobra must be behind the volcano eruption in Iceland. With all the weather dominator and earthquake devices they have had in the past, this volcano eruption seems like it would be a very simple task technolgy-wise for them."

I do not know much about Power Rangers, but I'm sure this guy who does is in his 30's "I haven't watched any Power Rangers since I think it was Dino Rangers, the one where Tommy came back as a teacher/Ranger. I recall a magic themed one and another vehicle based one recently but they kinda lost my attention after Dino."

Here's my advice. DON'T. Don't make things out of foamcore and don't make STUPID things out of foamcore "i just made these little counters the other day out of foamboard. i want to make a little comicbook/record store dio with them. but i cant decide what color to paint them, also ive never painted foanboard before and wasnt sure if theres any problem with warping or water damage or whatever you want to call it with paint on foamboard?"

Joe Battle Lines

From someone who I assume is a furry and therefore probably shouldn't be on a message board about kids toys "Don't you mean what happened to your post? "

Tiger Force, I enjoy raping and murdering oriental women, getting paid would be great! "Which G.I.Joe subteam would you choose, and why?"

Double Clutch is a real character to some people! "Double Clutch & Dr. Venom-Bad mojo man......just baaaad mojo."

Usually I don't "out" the posters, but this is General Scarlett. I wouldn't trust her with a $5.00 bill let alone a HASBRO FAN-FIC Department: "I would so love to spearhead a sub-division of Hasbro that deals with fanfic. There are so many talented people out there who have talent that would fuel the line through this medium. C'mon Hasbro!!"


Yeah, let me guess Ripcord should be a Caucasian too "yes, this soon, we need a reboot w/ 30 yr to 40 yr actors and more accurate cobra costumes!"

Holy Fuck, this guy is SERIOUS about rankings of Cobra soldiers, I'll post 2.

Blue Shirts
Equivalent Rank: O-1 through O-9/E-4 through E-9
Role: These are equivalent to officers and NCOs of the US military. They are a "cut above" your standard Cobra sort. Usually a bit more smarter and more adept to be wasted as battlefield fodder.
Becoming a Blue Shirt: Simply sign up, dodge the red tracer, and take an incredible amount of abuse from superiors.

Crimson Guard
Equivalent Rank: O-4 through O-9
Role: Way too valuable for the common battlefield, Crimson Guardsmen are the highest echelon of Cobra forces. They are decreed professionals and specialist in their field. So much that they are often not put into battle but rather best suited for infiltration and espionage.
Becoming a CG: Get a college degree from a credited university (the more prestigious, the better). Get a job at one of the many companies in which Extensive Enterprises is the parent corporation. Prove yourself in your field and be noticed by the CEOs, then undergo an extensive initiation program.

The best friend he was talking to, had been dead for 15 years "Me and my best friend have been caught up in trying to get all the new waves, we hit 9 or 10 stores tonight over a 6 hour and 215 miles road trip ( scoring wave 4 storm shadow, scarlett, duke, gung ho and cc ) talking the whole time how we loved Joes, grew out of them, and ended up destroying our collections just to act cool and grown up"

I don't know what the hell I can joke about here "OK, here's how this work,you can pick only one female joe, america to International ,and tell us why she should be the top female joe of all time, IT can be cobra or joe, and lets keep it clean. discussion are now open.."

I'll get right on it! "the is gone and we have to find the owner of the website name David Thornton!"

In a thread called "Time to beat up a Joe or Cobra... who would you choose there was this real fucked up thing "the Baroness, i'd knock that bitch out cold..."

I thought that was bad but then HOLY FUCK IT GETS WORSE: "Lady Jay...then I'd do things to her"

Well that's it, I can't take anymore of these creeps.


  1. Tiger Force, in 2002 Jinx, the only G.I.JOE Asian female, became a member of Tiger Force.

  2. The defiant fucked you, Cory.