Monday, May 3, 2010

Retarded things said in Dio Stories

Dio Stories are generally stupid. In a Dio Story the dialog is generally really stupid, today here are some gems!

"Not Even Hitler..."

HITLER WOULDN'T CONSIDER HANGING OUT WITH DRUG DEALERS? What the fuck General Hawk that is a pretty stupid idea!. I mean anyone can look up the holocaust and see that "Well gee, Hitler hung out with some really bad folks" but nope, a drug dealer is worse, remember folks selling drugs is worse than killing MILLIONS of Jews, Blacks, Gays, Feebs, abd Gypsies!

I like how Mercer is hostile towards the Jesus guy and is all "I DON'T NEED FRIENDS" it's like a Jack T. Chick tract. I mean what the hell!

This isn't dialog but rather narration, it's still dumb! What Jungle in South America looks like that? (Answer: None, there is a different climate which results in a different type of vegetation living in it) also it says Hit N Run's been imprisoned for nearly a year, shit in real life it was like 3!

That's all I'm bothered to find now, I could credit the dio authors but let's just say Tim Elf and General Hawk can't hold a candle to dio dudes like Fireflyed, Outrider, Lava Boss, RTG, Von Victor, or HenrikZetterburg


  1. Thanks for the shout out my nigga!
    You found some real gems there. I totally need to add some christian evangelists to my dios!

  2. Thank goodness I never had the talent, the tools or the time. I had parody ideas for the better known dio stories that were popular like 9 years ago (well, popular among GI JOE fans, so that's like a hundred people tops).

    One was gonna be DESECRATION, they dig up Serpentor's body and he's still dead. The end.

  3. Roland da Thompson GunnerMay 3, 2010 at 5:29 PM

    Bravo can I steal that idea?

  4. what if they dig Serpentor up, he's alive, but lack of oxygen have left him brain damaged and now he acts like a developmentally disabled 6 year old? i know... it sucks.

  5. Glad someone else called bullshit on that pious "Rev", the most blatant and unwelcome surrogate for an author's religious beliefs if there ever was one. Christ, what a terrible idea for a "custom" character.