Monday, September 20, 2010

Smash The State Says Stuff

Smash The State Figure Review-A-Thon is an internet hate blog that celebrated it's 3rd birthday recently, but lately I'd like to think lately G.I. Joe fans have left behind the things that made this website be very much like America. (Great!)

Anyways I'd like to ask you people to go back to being horrible human beings that are so depraved and lacking in social skills that boorish oafs known as Italians look better than you. Please, harass the poor people working at Target so that you can get your wave 3 POC Destro early. Please make incredibly racist comments about how Ripcord is black. Please Please Please kill your loved ones before you kill yourself.

Smash The State depends on this!


  1. Don't forget, the Germans are the rudest Europeans and they are the ones that forced the Italians into the axis.

  2. My dad has a book called "German Humor". It was 10 pages long and consisted entirely of pictures of Holocaust victims.