Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Advice from the past!

Ladies and Gentleman, your dinner if you attend "COIL CON II". I don't get this goofy shit, even as a kid the idea of making something food "Fun" didn't sit well with me.

Remember back in the day when kids were told to fuck off outside for 16 hours? Man that was good parenting.

Amazingly, people still customize like this, they've also graduated to White-Out, too.

Fun fact: I doubt anyone would pay $5.00 for a Marvel G.I. Joe comic anymore!

Jesus, look at Destro's bare chest. I guess prior to just being a coke user he was a gay porn star. Also note the Cobra Officer in a black costume in the back, I expect someone might care about that. However this is actually pretty good G.I. Joe art considering how awful most of it is.

You fucks should probably do this, it'll amuse me.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Child's Perspective: Part II

Like a month ago, Smash The State conducted a bit of research, here is more of it, conducted recently.

Do you ever ask for G.I. Joe for Christmas or your birthday?

Adam, Age Nine: "You're not supposed to say Christmas, mister. The Zionists have waged war on it and won"

Tyler, Age Six: "All I ever get for Christmas is hot dogs. I want a X-Box, but I only get hot dogs. Under the tree is one package of hot dogs, no buns or anything. I blame my mom's boyfriend Tad, for that. Tad's always telling me one day he'll fix his bike, but for now my mom is bringing home the bacon. I ask him why he's always reading my Where's Waldo books, he tells me to respect him or he'll introduce me to his belt"

If G.I. Joe was to have a new Celebrity G.I. Joe, who would you want it to be

George, Age Eight: "Joe Arpaio or maybe Barney The Dinosaur"

Adam, Age Nine: "Johnny Bravo"

Do you think G.I. Joe is better as a 12 inch Doll, or a 4 inch action figure?

George, Age Eight: "Only girls and the gay kid who came here from San whatever, the place full of gays and Italians, play with dolls."

Tyler, Age Six: "I wish my dad was still alive"