Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Child's Perspective: Part II

Like a month ago, Smash The State conducted a bit of research, here is more of it, conducted recently.

Do you ever ask for G.I. Joe for Christmas or your birthday?

Adam, Age Nine: "You're not supposed to say Christmas, mister. The Zionists have waged war on it and won"

Tyler, Age Six: "All I ever get for Christmas is hot dogs. I want a X-Box, but I only get hot dogs. Under the tree is one package of hot dogs, no buns or anything. I blame my mom's boyfriend Tad, for that. Tad's always telling me one day he'll fix his bike, but for now my mom is bringing home the bacon. I ask him why he's always reading my Where's Waldo books, he tells me to respect him or he'll introduce me to his belt"

If G.I. Joe was to have a new Celebrity G.I. Joe, who would you want it to be

George, Age Eight: "Joe Arpaio or maybe Barney The Dinosaur"

Adam, Age Nine: "Johnny Bravo"

Do you think G.I. Joe is better as a 12 inch Doll, or a 4 inch action figure?

George, Age Eight: "Only girls and the gay kid who came here from San whatever, the place full of gays and Italians, play with dolls."

Tyler, Age Six: "I wish my dad was still alive"

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  1. I wish Tyler's dad was still alive, too. But, hey, the kid's pop had his chance to pay-up and he didn't. It's only business, kid.