Monday, December 13, 2010

I love you Felonious Monk

Please come back.


  1. I'd love you too, JTurk, 'cept I ain't no homo! At least not in public. Or on hisstank... funny how a bunch of losers who've turned kid's toys into a lifestyle and serious fuckin' bidness can be so "conservative". Anyway, I'm like Da Talented Fireflyed and keep my gay-nanigans on Da Down-Low (which, BTW, is the code name of the Joe team's cabana boy).

  2. Haha! There's something funny in such extreme conservatism for a bunch of people whom have little to no social skills, education or good judgement. Then again racism, and homophobia are cornerstones of the Republican election campaign.

    However I do think you should return to super secret board. In fact since I know you enjoy two things I will sweeten the deal. You can choose the banning of any of the following: brandylita, Jack138, scribblescrawl, the dude who ran toybender(?) and or Tom Jacks, Esq.

    Friendships are forged in the hardened molds of fear. Felonious Monk. Remember that and take that offer up!

  3. Pfft! That's a lameduck offer. Literally.

    I'll stop by, but I can't guarantee much in the way of posting. That just ain't my thing right now. What the fuck am I gonna talk about? How cool "POC WAVE-GODDAMN-WHATEVER SANKE EYES" is?*

    *That toy really is pretty fuckin' neat though.