Friday, January 7, 2011

Tom Jacks Memorial Podcast #2: What Did We Learn?

The only black author of STS knows you don't have time to listen to an hour podcast. Therefore, I have summed up all the important facts from this episode to save you some time.

-Moon Knight's life, while crazy, mirrors that of Jack187.

-Turk's girlfriend is a highly skilled thief.(plz note: she's white)

-When you think about it, old people are a lot like joe collectors.

-3rd party transformer armors and products are NOT the best.


-Black guys are sometimes bald.

-Big Lob is NO ONE'S sidekick!

-Lord Raven is a hateful homophobe.

-Snake Eyes is a "Phoenix". (Meaning, he takes online classes at a second rate online college)

-2 Gun Larry... 'Nuff said.

-Rainbow Brite promotes slavery

-Tom Jacks is in fact, REAL.

-D.Verberg REALLY cares about gloves.


Don't Kill Yourself.


  1. fuck yeah i care about gloves.

  2. you missed the part about Bravo's broken leg that he got from a Chinese rickshaw driver!