Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another post about Hisstank (with more creepy imagery)

We here at Smash The State have wasted A LOT of time explaining how G.I. Joe fans are generally awful people, ya know misogynistic creeps, fat dudes, fundamentalist Christians, and dudes who listen to heavy metal. The greatest way to find this out is to take a visit to the 'Stank, there's all sorts of fuck ups there! From Jr0d to Unclassified (The dude who threatened to beat up Last Best Angry Man at a G.I. Joe convention in the previous post) and a guy who's just as fucked up as those two clowns!


Weezus is a guy who has a stupid haircut and used to brag on HISS Tank about how he always got into fights and was super tough. Usually when someone brags about how much they fight, and they're on the internet, it's obvious that they're lying! However Weezus also posted pictures of him looking like the victim of a good ol' fashion fag drag! Turns out he was a backyard wrestler.

A real ass appearance by the Doctor

Well, today I saw our dear friend Weezus was asking about the legality of a t-shirt. Well this is the t-shirt:

I hope he goes to jail!

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  1. It's like he's parodying himself. I mean, that image can't be a serious effort, right? Also, who in their right mind would actively seek credit--let alone willingly claim it--for, "Joes Before Hoes"? It ain't even clever.