Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hero Worship.

On June 12th 1994 We lock a remarkable Soul.......Voice actor Chris Latta (best known for his voicework as Cobra Commander on SUNBOW'S G.I.JOE).

Every year my club holds a moment of silence in honour and memory of MR. LATTA.

This year on June 12th at Noon (Central time U.S.) we'll hold 3 minutes of silence to honour MR. Latta.

And we'd like for you to join us, and honour his memory

Remarkable Soul = shitty stand-up comic?


  1. It's funnier if you're drunk. I mean this blog.

  2. Damn that was painful to watch! From Shatner's drunken intro ("San..erp...San Francisco") to Latta's over-the-top impressions. I stopped after the "negroes" bit. "Irish" or not, that was just sad. True GENIUS!