Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Ugly American

We here at Smash The State have for years mentioned that G.I. Joe fans are generally stupid arrogant buttfuckers, and well here's some more photographic proof!

But first a little background. Some nerd posted this article on The Stank: As you figured, negative comments about the corporation that provides them with almost as much joy as Frito-Lay products, as well as people in other countries leads to HILARIOUS comments.

Note the signature glorifying rape.

He's probably not joking

Ya know, all these crazy ass opinions are coming from States that tend to believe Professional Wrestling is real. I wonder if there's a correlation.

Holy christ.

Note, at this point there were maybe 3 posts saying "Hey, this is horrible"


"Liberal Propaganda" "Get out of your mom's basement" "Picture of a bunch of shitty tattoos" If only he had more spelling errors and a picture of an ugly woman I'd win at "G.I. Joe fuck head BINGO"

Real Talk: I skimmed through this one, blanked out after the first "Commie" and then paid attention at the Reagan quote but stopped paying attention again.

Well that was what it was, however with the rising cost of shipping things, these dudes are probably gonna wind up working in a factory!

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  1. Umbusu has a right to get his freak on!

    If any of those jokers found a single bed bug in their home, they'd run outside screaming and not come back until it was fumigated.