Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun facts about Smash The State!

-Tom Jacks was arrested for selling drugs to school children. I was told to pay his bail but instead used that money to buy a mummified cat

-Dr. Henry E. Miller once told me Tom Jacks couldn't keep his job at Totem because "Art school fags aren't any good at lifiting washing machines"

-Tom Jacks owns the entire Toto Discography

-Tom Jacks once thought it'd be cool to collect Marbles

-Tom Jacks is a big fan of big women. If you don't belive me, ask Dr. Henry E. Miller!

-Tom Jacks tells everyone he's black. In fact he's a light skinned person with bad glasses. He is now a member of the Aryan Nation as a way to stay safe in prison

-Tom Jacks worked for the Railroad for awhile but spent 30 days on the street because he didn't tie down a stone hopper and 8 people died

Tom Jacks, please stay safe in Prison you totally shouldn't have offered that kid with a mustache "14 ounces of pure sex"

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