Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dubya Dubya - B - R - D

Today is a special day for your new contributor fireflyed, for today is my one year wedding anniversary. Of course my wife wants to do something special for this important milestone. So, as I sat and pondered my options to no avail. I enacted an exercise I often do when faced with a difficult decision. I said to myself......

What Would Black Ripcord Do?

What would Black Ripcord do if he was in Memphis and in a similar situation? And then I knew exactly where I would take my wife to mark this momentous occasion. Take her sweet ebony ass to......
Chocolate City!!!!
I took this picture in the middle of the hood, on the roof of my suv, in the parking lot while two homeless blafricans stared at me.

Yes Chocolate City, I found this little gem by accident when I had to go meet a client and when I asked for directions he replied, "You know where Chocolate City is?" "
"No" I said, "But I want know where it is and I want to know all about it."
To the interwebz!

This looks like the perfect spot to celebrate! I know if my man Black Ripcord was on site, this is the joint he would want to hit up. Make sure you check out there website
It seems they have a forum too! So naturally, Marlon Wayans was quick to join. I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the fun ghetto trolling.

The moral of this post you ask?
Next time you are in a delicate situation, just say to yourselves, "What would the most important black dude in G.I. Joe history do?", and you'll be good to go. I think Christians are all ready ripping me off.

And remember Thursday is ladies night, free drinks for the "lades"

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  1. As R. Kelly might say "We all need it, can't live without it...Chocolate City, oh yeah!"