Thursday, June 17, 2010


And by blow, I mean they pissed me off by beating my classmate, Rajon Rondo, and the Celtics in the NBA championship. I'm no NBA Guru and I am not a Celtics fan, but I did let Rondo use my notes for an exam once, so I feel a little connection to my friend that I refer to as, "the black man with the biggest hands I have ever seen" or Rondo. Since LA won, lets have some fun.....

If Kobe was a joe, he would be........

Black Outself explanatory

If Pau Gasol was a joe, he would be.....

Why Wildcard you ask?
Well Pau Gasol looks like a homeless person.

True story, before I married my wife, I came down to Memphis to meet her family and at night(as college kids do) we would hit the bars. In true "Ben Roethlisberger" fashion, Pau(who was with the sad, sad Grizzles at the time) was at a college dive bar on the campus of the University of Memphis. Pau asked my wife(girlfriend at the time) to shoot pool with him. I was all for it.
Now, Rachel can play, but he still reached his orgre arms around her in an effort to "teach" her the game. I laughed and in true FF fashion, thought it was fucking hilarious. But then he tried to "take" her back to his "loft". #1 lofts are for gays. (No offense. I love gays. It's just a fact) #2 grabbing a girls wrist is not an invitation. But I digress, back to my main point. Fuck LA.

If RonRon was a joe......

He would be a crazy homeless lady.The man is insane. In a post game interview, he thanked his psychiatrist. He also has a new single about to drop.

Really RonRon, you just won the NBA championship and your main concern was mentioning you are trying to "drop" a single.

You Crazy Son.

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