Friday, July 2, 2010

The Douchebag Of The Week-A-Thon

This strange little hobby of ours is basically filled with two types of people: phony pompous assholes and creepy creepy jobless fat dudes. And as a result of this fact, STS is ready to pour out the proper accolades upon these wretched individuals. With that in mind I give you:

The Douchebag Of The Week-A-Thon

There is no particular criteria for this esteemed award and with the abundance of freaks out there, there will be no shortage of nominees.....
This Weeks Winner?!
Shane Welin
Shane goes by the handle LordRaven on He is also the life partner of the recently resigned moderator of joedios.

Would you like to know more about Shane? Of course you would.....

"Well I live in Winnipeg, MB where I am the assistant manager at a clothing store. Been there almost 2 years now.I collect lots of different types of action figures, mostly joes and starwars, but anything I think is neat I'll pick up.
I play video games, board games, and RPGs like D&D.
I am a published poet, author, and musician."
......and a delusional alcoholic.

A Published Poet
A Published AuthorA Published MusicianDo musicians even get published?

If your so damn accomplished, why do you look like your head cashier at some dick grocery store?
When Shane is not too busy meeting other gay dudes online or telling Graham how awesome he is, he stops by joedios to say weird shit aimed at me that makes no sense. Like, "He without out sin, cast the first stone." Ya, keep trying to quote the bible on a toy site you ginger-headed drunk.

Well there is your Douchebag of the week!

Oh yea, he makes his own comedic shorts too!
Shane's Comedy- The Distraction


  1. Hey, man, you better watch it. Dude has a Top Gun t-shirt.

  2. Yea but his biceps look like pipe cleaners in it.

    Although he sure does bite the hell out of that toast!

  3. he always reminded me of "Malachi" from Children Of The Corn.

  4. Hey, you removed my comments, you didn't think they were valid?

  5. Dear Lord Raven/Sonnelion/Death At Midnight: Please fuck off and die.

    Thanks, Smash The State Managment

  6. You don't know the half of it! He's a douche with a capital D! King Douche of the Douchelings! If you ever meet him in person I suggest you kick him directly in the balls, videotape it, and then post your videos as responses to his painfully boring "reviews"!