Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If you are a member of Joedios, and your photo was on this blog, you must personally ask myself, or the esteemed Dr. Henry E. Miller for it to be removed. The lesson here is "Don't put your goofy ass mug on the goddamn internet"

Fireflyed has no editorial control over this blog, he is a contributor who is paid with a jar of home made jam every 6 to 8 weeks, myself and Dr. Henry E. Miller have control of all things, and require the following:

1. A personal request for the removal of said image. If more than one is on a message, please note you will have to request each one be removed individually.

2. A decent explanation as to why we here at Smash The State Figure Review (Est. 1993) should remove the images. Again, a separate explanation for each image

3. An Apology to the following people: Johnny Turk, Dr. Henry E. Miller, Tom Jacks Esq., Levar Burton, Ralph Nader and D. Boon. All you have to do is apologize in your message, list off said names, and tell us why your sorry. Inconvenience is the best reason you can give, however we are open to interpretation

4. A chronological list of D.O.A. Drummers. It must be accurate.

Failure to complete any of the following requests will result in the suggestion that you "Just fuck off and die"®

Please note, myself and Dr. Henry E. Miller are not affiliated with any websites but Smash The State. We only know Ronald the Thomas Gunner and Fireflyed through the fine folks at Broca Blutch. If you look at one message posted by Fireflyed he uses my last name in place of "Roland" that is a typo.

® "Just Fuck Off And Die" is the intellectual property of NoMeansNo and the Wright brothers. Thanks a lot bro!

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