Wednesday, August 11, 2010

G.I. Joe fans are horrible human beings. Stupid Shit Said This Week Returns!

Ho-lee Fuck! Hisstank has a lot of horrible human beings, but when there is a thread titled: Would You Use A Girl For Joe's?

It's gonna be a doozy!

1st post:
What if there was a chick you didn't like or even thought was ugly? But, she would buy you any GI JOE stuff you wanted. No limit on how much or how much it costs. For example, she would buy you AFA Graded vintage Joe's if you wanted. Or, you come home from work and she says, "here babe I bought you 20 POC Alley Vipers, I hit every store up in the county today to find them for you."

Could you go along with it for the Joe's or would it bother you since your using her and you aren't attracted to her whatsoever.

P.S. This isn't about my life, so no comments about that please. My girl isn't ugly and only buys me some Joe's..

Sez the guy with the "I <3 Charijoe signature":

Sorry, but I'll be playing with the girl more than with the joes, so she's gotta be hot.

I assume this is about sodomy:

Are we talking fat & ugly or just plain old vanilla ugly? First case no, second case, if she will get you all the joes you want she is probably to be just as generous with "other" things, so it may not be a bad deal. You can learn to love a person.

Holy fuck, please die "Flint071" Seriously, pull a "Rocky" and fuckin' ice yourself

]Yes, hell yes, yes, yes, yes.

I've used girls for less. Plus the up side is that if she's fugly she probably has some hot friends which you can bang the hell out of behind her back. Ugly girls always try harder too, so most likely you could do things to her that you wouldn't do to farm animals and you'd be rewarded with a new Hiss tank.


"That's right slut, as soon as you are done polishing the knob get your ass to TRU and get my a POC Spirit."

It's a sad day when Jr0d is the troglodyte who makes the most sense:No, I get my own joes. My wife goes once in awhile to get me one, but with that I make sure she gets something nice in return.

Jesus christ.


  1. i befriended a mongoloid once and trained him to steal toys for me. nobody suspects a mongoloid of being a shoplifting pickpocket. he didn't make it out of kay bee with the mobile command center, but they bought his excuse when he said he thought his dead parents were inside, driving it.

  2. That fucker, Flint071 is lucky if he's gonna get any to begin with. He should just stick to his hand.