Tuesday, August 3, 2010

STS Pursuit of Cobra Wave 1 Review

Da new Snake Eyes.

Hey mute boy? Fuck you.

The POC snake eyes comes with a spare head and validates what we always knew. Snake Eyes is a da black brother of Black Ripcord

POC Beach HeadA really great figure, but he has to wear a gas mask to get over Helix's stink.

POC Jungle DukeAlso known as Danny. This Duke clone watches his weight, wears scarfs in his hair for attention, talks with a slight lisp, and is more interested in Mr. Bond, than Helix. Did I mention he is fabulous?

M.C. Badass.
Dis motha fucka right here is pretty much the coolest figure made.... ever. His articulation sucks, but he has 4 ear piercings, 4 tats and a fauxhawk. He also comes with a nail gun, so he is obviously a roofer, which makes him da realist gang member yet.

Helix's vagina doesn't discriminate between good and evil.

POC Alley Viper
He owns da game, this is not sex, it's just motorcycle clubs cats dancing.

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