Wednesday, October 27, 2010


G.I. Joe is pretty patriotic, he fights for Freedom over Land and Air. Fuck the sea because that touches international waters, which also touches China. Fuck Communism (please continue to make our toys and cheap socks!). Outside of hating marine life, G.I. Joe displays it's patriotism quite proudly.

Here is Gung Ho, a Homosexual American:

He loves America, more than he loves the fact he knows what an Ottoman is. I don't know what an Ottoman is, but that's because all my furniture is made out of cinderblocks, ply wood and cable spools. Fuck you Gung Ho, get a real name rather than some mumbo jumbo in a made up language known as "French"

But it's not just humans that love America, killing machines also love America. Here is Fort America or as Steam Roller calls it "Old Gory"

Nothing is more fitting to be named after America than a Tank that turns into a slum.


  1. i had fort america as a kid, and even i didn't understand what the fuck it turned into. was that to disguise it from cobra, or to help it fit in with 1991 sci-fi's rat-hole apartment?

    it wasn't a bad tank except it had no steering wheel or control system. it did have an american flag, though.

    also god bless america (i am in kentucky right now)

  2. A slum...ha-ha-ha. It's strange they called that Fort America, but the HQ was just GI JOE's ain't fort jack-shit...just headquarters.

    Video sung by a Dennis "Danger" Mandalone with 70's hair (Was he Steve Perry's stunt double?) using 80's effects as tribute to 9/11/01. It's 40 years worth of awfulness. Somehow I managed to never that until now. Damn you, sir.

    Do Canadians even have patriotism?

    Do black children's heads really give off electricity when you rub them?

    Is that video implying the baby is a reincarnated fireman?

  3. Black children's heads are converted into lawn sprinklers by HISSTANK.COM members. the "slum" comment was fucking hilarious!