Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smash The State part 2 is a year old and Da Talent is a rogue negro

Smash The State v2 is much like Jason Arnotts second stint with the New Jersey Devils: Number one and the best (I only say that because he has six goals and two tonight and the devils are basicly a minor league team with injuries and goddamn)

It is also a year old today. So that means me and Johnny Turk have been drinking hobo jug wine and smoking skunk weed and haven't been able to post about this till like 9 at night or whatever.

also Johnny Turk and D Verburg did a podcast about GI Joes, Tom Jacks and Freedom, you can listen to it here after listening to that Da Talents previous post may make sense! Da Talent is a rogue negro and does whatever he want and doesn't live by whiteys rules so he made his study guide before the Tom Jacks Memorial Podcast went public.

So yeah, fuck jerks STS never loses.

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