Friday, November 5, 2010

Special In Depth Behind The Scenes R@RE Look at 1987 G.I. Joe Animated Movie

Did you jerks know that the most famous scene of the 1987 G.I. Joe Animated Film was completely improvised? Yeah I know you're thinking "Well gee Johnny Turk, it's an animated film, it can't be improvised" Fuck you!

Anyways a while back Smash The State wound up talking to a Hollywood Insider (Coke Dealer) who told us this really crazy ass story. Apparently during the voice recording sessions, they decided to have the actors for each scene (in sequential order too!) record their lines together. So despite half of it being Neil Ross talking to himself it was a winning method! Until the famous scene in which Roadblock and Cobra Commander were running around in the fucking Himalayas.

Kene Holliday and Chris Latta before hand had discussed how this G.I. Joe shit was "A real fuckin' career killer" because they were better off being "Some screechy ass airplane that turns into truck or something" (Latta) and "Gettin' bonked on the head for some racist old man's enjoyment" (Holliday). So they got real fucking zonked out on Coke and then tore apart the recording studio. This was expected because Kene Holliday was on a work release. What wasn't expected was the fact that their coke binge wound up being way better than the original script.

Excerpt of Original Script:
Roadbloc (Sic): Look here Commander. I'm gonna bust your head like a salamander!
Enemy Leader: You can't sssssssstop me G.I. Joesssssss. Dessstro releassse the SSSEA RAYSSS

However, a coked out Latta seemed to think he was a Snake and Holliday kept threatening to assault Latta. What happened next was a history altering moment, the Hasbro execs, as well as writer Buzz Dixon thought "Well this is a hell of a lot better than a 90 minute version of "Cobrathon" let's just make Cobra some goddamn Mole People or whatever and go back to doing what we love; Selling fake Ringo Starr autographs"

In a case of Art Imitating Life, Cobra Commander (and G.I. Joe as a whole) died in 1994

Kene Holliday today. Prostitute: Unknown