Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Childs Pespective

Smash the state has always been are the forefront of talking about toys on the internet, since nerds always comment about kids today buying GI Joe or whatever but never actually ask kids what they think of GI Joe. We decided since we aren't creepy looking man children and can actually approach people in society to ask different kids questions about GI Joes:

First question: what do you think about GI Joes

Tyler, Age Six: "Army men are gay"

George, Age Eight: "I know four curse words"

What is your favorite foreign character?

Adam, Age Nine: "My dad says people from other countries smell like sweat and own all the delis in town"

Do you think the line needs more female characters?

Adam, Age Nine: "My mom sometimes acts like a fool and then my dad hits her with the Landry hamper"

Tyler, Age Six: "I hate my teacher"

Do you like the older RAH style or the new, post 25th style?

George, Age Eight: "I tasted one of my dads drinks once and it tasted bad and made me fall down the stairs"

Adam, Age Nine: "What does that mean mister, nobody likes to play with army guys anyway only weird kids that smell bad do that"

See, there you have it, the Youth Of America have spoken!

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  1. I hate Tyler's fucking teacher, too. Bitch wants her bills paid, but can't even make a good thing of Kool-Aid!