Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rockin' in the Projects: The War On Drugs

The war on drugs is a controversial thing, some people think "Dope is 4 Dopes" and others think "Legalize and then tax the hell out of it". Both of those are incorrect, as dope is responsible for the best line in a rap song (Regulate), and if anything needs to be taxed up the wazoo, it's religion.

Anyways, G.I. Joe was hardly one to shy away from controversy, the first 2 years was Army guys fighting White Supremacists, so of course they had something to say on the war on drugs.

America's cleanest Hood. Picture Credit: Some dude with a white couch


What the fuck G.I. Joe? Seriously I understand drug problems among America's inner city youth is a serious fucking thing, but going into the slums posting wanted signs for the fucking Hamburglar, and spray painting inspirational messages on the walls isn't going to help. In actuality it's contributing to the Urban Decay that causes youths to need an escape from the reality that is the ghetto.

Who knows though, maybe that slum is actually FORT AMERICA, G.I. Joe's top secret weapon for exterminating the poor.

Thanks a lot Mutt!


  1. Hamburglar. Bwahahahaha! I like how the character art was specifically edited as to not show their guns.

  2. Damn straight about Fort Slum. Worst Transformer ever made.

  3. Worse than those Star Wars transformers?

  4. Everybody knew that Headman was Adam West...and they did NOTHING!