Thursday, June 28, 2012

STS' Kollector's Klub Koverage Part #1

First of all, we here at STS would like to commend the New Jersey Devils for making a valiant come-back from a 3-0 series deficit against the LA Kings, too bad that boy Adam Henrique was unable to power through terrible referees and a team full of lispy thugs and rapists.

Anyways, apparently it's G.I. Joe con time again, I didn't realize that until looking at Hiss Tank. Turns out the REAL EXPENSIVE 15 figure set is the cold war relic; The October Guard, as well as those space conquistador guys the Iron Grenadiers. So ya know, two sub-groups slightly cooler than Eco-Force.

The October Guard, or Oktober Guard, I can't remember how people spell it, all I know is, I am glad that "IRON BEAR" (whoever the fuck that is) is wearing his hat like a true Russian (Drunk). I guess now is as good as any to ask how the hell was "Schrage" pronounced..

Hell yeah what's with all the trench-coats, is it a high school in 1999?

The biggest bummer about this figure, other than the fact they're being sold at roughly 28 bucks a pop, is that they don't have the weird ass Destro head codpiece, that shit was hilarious because no matter how bad ass people would claim they were in vaguely interesting journal entries circa 2004,  they were still an orange and purple dude flying around with a dude's face plastered on their crotch.

Check back at a later date for part 2! (Pictures of fat people)


  1. Schrage = "Shh-rah-gay"...I heard that on HISSY Tank, though. So take that for what it's worth.

    I think some of the convention Iron Grenadiers were based on a MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE video.

    I like that Annihilators have a chest holster that when used, requires them to lift their arm up dangerously close to their helicopter blades.