Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun facts about

I'm sure we all know these but what the fuck!

FACT: They banned Dr. Henry E. Miller's IP Address over things I wrote!


FACT: They once had a custom HISS Tank contest and some gay construction tank won

FACT: It has a member that committed a Murder/Suicide

FACT: They refused any mention of said Murder/Suicide

FACT: Dan Sartain has been banned at least 3 times

FACT: Being a fat woman makes you a good customizer

FACT: They once pissed off the Canadian Joe Jerks, which is admittedly easy and funny!

FACT: The old Smash The State got all it's traffic from there.

FACT: HISS Tank banned my pal "De Aco" like 12 times

FACT: xFlintx is their only cool moderator

FACT: TheLongestDay is a tool, he once made a post about wearing his (probably fat) girlfriend's make-up and I made that a "Stupid Shit Said This Week" and he found it and posted about it and bad things happened. See FACT #1

FACT: TheLongestDay is also a moderator, he is a jerk

FACT: TANKERS Sure like Metal. They probably like their Women like they like their Metal. HEAVY

FACT: HISSTank's news funnily did make every other site obsolete

FACT: With those people's it's more like FAT

Goodnight and good luck


  1. The longestday sells his customs for 40 bux and never fucking sells them because there 40 bux.

    This is the best fact session ever.

  2. Dude yeah...the fact that they kept or tried to keep the murder/suicide thing under wraps is a little fucked. I mean....if they don't want shit like that on their site based on childrens toys, I can understand, but to keep the guys profile there with a bunch of R.I.P's from the moderators on it. Well that's just ass bakward. I mean it didn't sound like a mutual suicide thing. The 40 year old dude who used to lie about being in the "movie biz" killed his 24 year old girlfriend, and then himself. Not only that but the dude kept the body around for more than six hours before calling anyone. I fucking hate hisstank. it really disturbs me to have anything in common with any of those people.-Dan